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EOG and Achievement Testing

Covenant Education Services offers three highly regarded, nationally standardized tests that meet all of North Carolina’s requirements for end-of-grade testing.

The Peabody Individual Achievement Test - Revised (PIAT-R), the Woodcock-Johnson III (WJIII), and the Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT) are used by educators across the country with great confidence.  Although the tests are structured somewhat differently, and present their information in slightly different ways, all tests are powerful assessments that serve very similar purposes.

Unlike group tests, the PIAT-R, WJIII, and WRAT tests are administered in a one-on-one setting, and produce results that are unique to your individual student.  Although it usually takes less time to administer the PIAT-R, WJIII, and WRAT than group tests, educators like yourself find they can better use test results to make strategic decisions about teaching their particular child.

Every test administrator is fully trained, and are experienced homeschool teachers themselves.  Additionally, all test reports are reviewed by Dr. William Eckenwiler and/or his wife, Kristen (M.Ed.).

Which test is right for you?

All three tests are highly regarded and meet all of North Carolina’s end-of-grade testing requirements.  Sometimes people pick one over another because they’ve heard of one but not the others.  Others default to the one they’ve always used, while others decide to try something different.  A particular feature of one of the tests may appeal to you and become the basis of your choice.  In order to help you sort through the choices before you, follow the links below to learn about each test.

Online Booking

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