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Comprehension is often linked to a child’s ability to decode effectively.  It stands to reason that if a child stutters and stammers and labors to “sound out” every word, they are not going to understand much of what they have read. However, it is not unheard of that a reader may decode rather effectively and still have trouble with comprehension.  This suggests that there is more to understanding what is read than simple decoding skills.


The testing materials available from The Struggling Reader allow you to establish three critical levels of reading comprehension for your reader:
Independent:  Where your child can read with relative ease, both decoding and understanding what has been read.

Instructional:  That important level that is not too easy and not hard, 
where you want to spend most of your instructional time.

Frustration:  It is important to know where this is for your child so you can avoid it.

Reading Comprehension Testing

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