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We commonly associate reading fluency with being able to read fast.  However, reading rate is only one component of this very important skill.  Accuracy and prosody are also necessary for a reader to be considered fluent.

A reader may read at an appropriate speed but read too many words incorrectly.  To state the obvious, it does little good to read at a good rate if words are being missed along the way. Reading at an appropriate rate, with few mistakes can still sound very mechanical and lifeless.  What is missing is the crucial element we call prosody.  This term refers to the use of appropriate tone, voice inflection, emphasis, volume, and a host of other vocal qualities that demonstrate a reader’s true understanding of the text.  This is much more than trying to read with enthusiasm just to make things a little more lively.  In order to read with true prosody, a reader must fully comprehend the text.  Reading specialists are increasingly focusing on the link between prosodic reading and comprehension skills.

Developed by reading specialists to be user-friendly, testing materials come with a thorough explanation of prosody, reading rate, and accuracy.

Fluency Testing

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